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Ok, I got it
Dalguise 2006
13 - 15 October
Provisional Grouping
Name Surname

Francis Batchelor
Danielle Begg
Joe     Boyle
Lisa Callaghan
Christopher Carey
Robert Childs
Charlotte Childs
Chris Christie
Natalie Donohue
Hayley Donohue
Nicola Emery
Michael Emery
Jennifer Emery
Georgey Gorobets
John Gregory
Sam Gregory
Semus Herron
Liam Ingram
Alice Lampard
Stuart Leslie
Ian MacGregor
Ronan MacIntyre
Calum MacQueen
Andrew McClements
Ian McCulloch
Aletia McCulloch
Caitlin McCulloch
Andy McCulloch
Briony McCulloch
Rupert McInnes
Mark Meehan
James Montgomery
Gregor Nesbitt
David Newton
Kieran O'Donnell
Matthew O'Donnell
Taylor Panton
Joe Pedrosa
Craig Petrie
Russel Petrie
Fiona Petrie
Christina Robertson
George Robertson
Ali Roy
Kiron Roy
Sarat Roy
Adam Shannon
John Shovlin
Karen   Shovlin
Lynsey   Shovlin
Aaron Simon
John Tawdrous
Matthew Thomas
Phil Thomas
Daniel Thomas
Calum Vipond
Ellys Woods
Connor Woods
1. Lynsey Shovlin
2. Natalie Donohue
3. Hayley Donohue
4. Caitlin McCulloch
5. Karen Shovlin
6. James Montgomery
7. Stuart Leslie
8. Calum MacQueen
9. Connor Woods
10. Ian MacGregor
11. Liam Ingram
12. Francis Batchellor
13. John Tawdrous
14. Joe Boyle
1. Phil Thomas
2. Kevin Childs
3. Charlotte Childs
4. Lisa Callaghan
5. Briony McCulloch
6. Aletia McCulloch
7. Nicola Emery
8. Kiron Roy
9. Robert Childs
10. John Gregory
11. Daniel Thomas
12. Aaron Simon
13. Christopher Carey
14. Georgy Goroberts
15.     Jennifer Emery
Challenge Course
Giant Swing
Initiative Exercises
Jacobs Ladder
Sequoia Scramble
Zip Wire
1. David Newton
2. Mark Meehan
3. Chris Christie
4. George Robertson
5. Ian McCulloch
6. Craig Petrie
7. Michael Emery
8. Matthew O’Donnell
9. Joe Pedrosa
10. Matthew Thomas
11.   Gregor Nesbit
12.   Rupert McInnes
13. Andrew McClements
14.     Calum Vipond
14. Fiona Petrie
1. John Shovlin
2. Kieran O’Donnell
3. Sam Gregory
4. Adam Shannon
5. Sarat Roy
6. Russel Petrie
7. Ronan McIntyre
8. Semus Herron
9. Taylor Panton
10. Ellys Woods
11. Ali Roy
12. Christina Robertson
13. Alice Lampard
14. Danielle Begg
1st £15
2nd £10
3rd £5

Grading Prizes


Best Girl £5
Late Starter £5
Giant Killer £5

Bounty Hunter - should someone beat a top 3 seed, unless they are one of the top 3 graded players, they shall get a prize for doing so! This is not to target the top 3 but to act as an incentive for the other players.

Best in Activity Group   - 1 per group